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The first International Workshop on Wireless Technologies and Distributed Systems is an opportunity for researchers, industrials and PhD students to chare new results, show demonstartions and discuss emerging trends relevant to wireless communication and distributed systems. The main topics concerned by the WITS'2014 are:

  • 3G/4G and beyond
  • Wireless vehicular networks
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Wirelss mesh networks
  • Social wireless networks
  • Smart Grids
  • Green wireless network architectures and communication protocols
  • Advances in satellite communications
  • OFDM and CDMA Technologies
  • MIMO channels and beam forming
  • Smart antennas and adaptive antennas
  • Modulations and coding
  • Ultra-wideband and short-range networks
  • Admission control and resource allocation
  • Traffic engineering and QoS support
  • Cognitive radio and spectrum management
  • RFID networks and protocols
  • Multicasting, broadcasting and geocasting
  • Mobility management and tracking
  • Context awareness and system discovery
  • Integration of heterogeneous networks
  • Embeded systems and robotic networks
  • Energy-efficient for networks and applications
  • Optimization models and algorithms
  • Smart cities and smart environement
  • IPv6 and GeoNetworking
  • QoS profiling and pricing
  • Mobile/wireless networks modeling and simulations
  • Multimedia systems and communications
  • Security, privacy and authentication in networked systems
  • Cross-layer security
  • Emerging mobile applications
  • Cloud computing
  • Distributed systems and architectures
  • e/m-learning
  • e/m-business
  • SOA and Web services
  • Expert systems and artificial intelligence
  • Opportunistic applications
  • Media and content distribution



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